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EcoKaari's story by Anuj Ramatri


EcoKaari in India’s Perspective - Ministry of External Affairs, Government of India

Reduce. Reuse. Recycle - EcoKaari in India’s Perspective - Ministry of External Affairs, Government of India! By Shrabasti Mallik - Read Here


EcoKaari in Deccan Herald

From scrap to sustainable... A desire to make even the smallest contribution towards this beautiful planet gets some entrepreneurs enthused about repurposing and up-cycling pre-used materials to create unique products while also generating job for marginalised women! By Arti Das - Read Here


EcoKaari in Dainik Bhaskar


Mr Durga Shanker Mishra, Secretary, Ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs

EcoKaari in The Hindu 

Hold on to that packet of chips. It could be your next fashion accessor! by Priyadarshini Paitandy - Read Here


EcoKaari in Apna Radio 96.9 FM by Indian Institute of Mass Communication

How to use plastic waste sustainably by RJ Sheenam - Listen Here


EcoKaari in My Big Brand Story

Watch the Incredible Story of A Man who challenged the Status Quo by breaking the stereotypes. Know what makes him a Great environmentalist, founder, director and much more!


EcoKaari in Greater Kashmir

Hold on to that packet of chips. It could be your next fashion accessor! by Priyadarshini Paitandy - Read Here


EcoKaari in Lab in Motion

Ecokaari | Creating Sustainable Fashion using Plastic Wrappers By Mamta Sharma - Read Here


Deputy Commissioner - East Garo Hills

EcoKaari in UpDeed App

EcoKaari in The Style World

EcoKaari at Dastkar Bazaar at Jayamahal Palace where they upcycle all the daily wastes into Fashion Alternative Access - Read Here

EcoKaari in Local Samosa

EcoKaari from Pune is upcycling waste plastic and turning it into gorgeous handwoven products! Read Here


EcoKaari by Colin Mochrie

Beautiful message by Colin Mochrie for Team EcoKaari
Colin Mochrie is an actor, writer, producer & improvisational comedian, best known for Whose Line Is It Anyway?, recorded a lovely message congratulating Nandan Bhat and our artisans! Watch Here


EcoKaari in Inwaste₹

Innovation. Inspiration. Interest)

Once a wrapper Now a fashion - With EcoKaari! BBharati Bastade KootRead Here


EcoKaari in KASHMIR AS IT IS (कऺशीरयिछ़ यछ,यिछ़ॖि)


EcoKaari in The Better India

प्लास्टिक के कचरे से ‘फैब्रिक’ बनाकर शुरू किया व्यवसाय, कमाई रु. 4 लाख/माह. पुणे में रहने वाले नंदन भट ने प्लास्टिक के कचरे के प्रबंधन के लिए, एक सोशल स्टार्टअप ‘Ecokaari’ शुरू किया है। जिसके जरिए, वह सिंगल यूज पॉलिथीन, चिप्स तथा बिस्कुट आदि के रैपर्स को अपसायकल करके तरह-तरह के उत्पाद बना रहे हैं।Bनिशा डागर  Read Here

EcoKaari by Felly Gomes

English - Ecokaari is a project that arises to attack the environmental and social problems that afflict communities with the use of Eco-technologies.
Spanish - Ecokaari es un proyecto que surge para atacar la problematica ambiental y social que aqueja a las comunidades con el uso de Eco-tecnologias. 
Watch Here